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 In 1962, Waller Inventory Service began operating in Fresno. As the business grew, affiliated companies were formed in Modesto, Visalia, and other locations to accommodate customer demands in an ever growing a

Today, the business operates throughout California and adjoining states, where clients require quality inventory services.  In spite of its size, the company continues to be locally owned and operated, ensuring the highest level of service, which has made Waller Inventory successful.



  • Impartial third-party count.

  • Over 50 years experience with various inventories.

  • Conforms to most accounting procedures.

  • Trained inventory auditors.

  • Fully automated in store processing.

  • Proprietary OSIRIS PC system provides report versatility.

  • Electronic input hand held terminals allows for speed and accuracy.

  • Experienced and knowledgeable supervisor.

  • Three levels of confirmation:  Comparison from prior inventory, breakdown of subtotals by section and shelves, and detailed calculations.

  • Department, Category, and Area totals plus actual count on key items (i.e. cigarettes, lottery, etc...)

  • Adjust to closing day or period.

  • Instant final report.

We provide fast, accurate, and efficient counts.

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